10 Things You Will Never Hear a Stoner Say

10 Thing’s You Will Never Hear a Stoner Say

In the stoner community you will come across some hilarious and entertaining comments. Here are ten comments you will NEVER hear a stoner say, Enjoy!

01 I think we’ve smoked enough bro, it’s 8 o’clock. Let’s call it a night.


02 Dude fuck pizza! Let’s eat rice cakes..


03 My weed man gave me a extra gram bro. Turn around so I can give it back, He got me fucked up.

too much weed

04 I can’t smoke anymore. It makes me want to punch kids in the face.


05 Bro turn cypress hill off. I got the new Justin Bieber CD..

this girl

06 Weed is the root of all evil!



07 I know Tacobell is just right down the street, but let’s walk that extra couple miles to the new vegan place that just opened.

taco bell

08 I really don’t care for Bob Marley’s music.


09 Let’s ditch these chicks and go smoke in my basement. I got Prince vynl records.



10 I only smoke at 4:20 because I’m a true pot head.



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Writer Credit: Ryan Mellow

10 Thing’s You Will Never Hear a Stoner Say