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Dank Donuts; Stoner Reviews


Stoners love a good wake and bake. Roast some coffee, grab something to munch on, and smoke away. This process is how a lot of stoners start their days. It’s not a real morning without a wake and bake! Unfortunately in this fast paced world, we have very little time between “waking up” and “going to work”. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time for a smoke sesh in there. If that’s the case, then you may end up having a bad day. No stoner likes to go in to the world sober, that’s just a fact. But thanks to a small company based out of SoCal, there may be an easier way to wake up and bake up before you get your cake up.


Dank Donuts is based out of Long Beach, California and is dead set on getting a store front for their awesome donuts. I had the pleasure of sampling these little devils recently and they were definitely awesome. The donuts are the smaller version of this favorite breakfast treat, with each one containing 100mg of THC. Although we were told to eat one each, we did end up eating about two and a half each in one sitting.


Along with the donuts (which had Funfetti sprinkles in them, hell yes!) came three packs of glaze. There was maple, wild berry, and tropical. Although I have to say that I wasn’t a fan of the maple, the wild berry was incredible and I did really enjoy the tropical as well!


Overall effect of the donuts was pretty mellow. Not the mind blowing super stoned feeling that we’re constantly chasing but good. Plus the fact that they didn’t carry that weedy taste, which made them far easier to eat. For these little confections, I highly recommend that you eat a few in order to get a good buzz going, especially if you’re an avid smoker like myself and my partner. If you’ve got a high tolerance, you may find that your waistline grows substantially if you’re trying to get Saturn-high from these Dank Donuts.


The taste was awesome, the glaze was well made, and the customer service is more on point then most established businesses. I recommend Dank Donuts for those who don’t smoke like chimneys. Perhaps with the support of the community, Dank Donuts will be able to produce even stronger donuts that will give even the most seasoned stoner couch lock. Check out their Instagram to see their other products and you can even work with the owners to order your own custom donut box, made with stoner love and all the ingredients that you want on top! Give the #realbreakfastofchampions a try!


[Writer’s Note; Please remember that edibles effect everyone differently!! Please always be careful when consuming edibles and be aware of dosing instructions. Do not overeat medicated food and be sure to pace yourself when trying new edibles.]

Check them out at www.dankdonuts.com

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Dank Donuts; Stoner Reviews


Mediedibles; Product Reviews


Finding a good edible company can be hard these days, with so many of them out there. Not to mention the unfortunate scandalous nature of some people that make their edibles far less potent than advertised. There’s also the issue of finding something that tastes good too or at least good enough to choke down to get stoned. Let’s face it, the taste of weed isn’t always awesome. So when you stumble upon a medicated treat maker that’s good, you make sure that you tell your friends!


After recently relocating to California, we decided to try these edible candy bars from Mediedible, a newer company on the market. The product was called a ZenBar, featured a cool wrapper, and boasted “Sparkling Birthday Cake” as the flavor. We were told that it totally tasted like Funfetti and having mastered the Funfetti edible cake back on the east coast, I felt strongly compelled to try these treats. And at $5 a bar, we couldn’t argue and grabbed two, one for each of us.


I stuck to eating a quarter of the bar and my partner ate half. The taste of weed was still pretty strong, even through the chocolate and Funfetti sprinkles. Regardless, they weren’t bad as long as you pair them with a drink (the California heat is different for us and it’s tough to eat candy out here sometimes because it’s just so damn hot!). Plus if you bite down on the sprinkles, you get that added sweetness. Overall, the taste wasn’t too bad. Like I said, mostly just make sure that you have a drink but most candy requires some sort of liquid companion anyway.


After about an hour of just kind of hanging out, the realization washed over us that we were, in fact, stoned. The bars worked pretty well, even for our high tolerances. They were perfect for a relaxing day off of just hanging out and watching cartoons but also didn’t hinder us from walking a mile to get some snacks from 7/11. The Zenbar is definitely a product that stoners should give a try. They come in multiple different flavors so I’m sure you’ll find one that you love!

Mediedibles; Product Reviews