Stoner Dictionary | Pack

Pack: noun/verb 1. five or more pounds of marijuana 2. one pound of marijuana 3. the act of breaking up and filling a smoking apparatus with marijuana

Example: 1. “I got an awesome deal on a four pack of M.J.” 2. “I am gonna pack a bowl before we head out.”

Being lost in a sea of dank buds would be a certified dream come true. This term can be referred to as multiple pounds of marijuana most often characterized as five pounds or more. A pack can also simply mean one pound. There is also a completely different meaning that can be applied to the word pack. Some use this to describe the act of filling a bowl or cone with weed.

There are coned shaped papers available on the market that come pre-rolled for you; all you have to do is fill them with the fire.

A cone has its advantages because you will get a hit with a higher THC content than in a regular doobie simply because there is more weed at the tip. The cone shaped joint or pack is an awesome thing to look at and even more awesome to smoke.