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Picking up a controller will always be more fun when your mind is toasted!


The graphics seem to jump out at you from every corner of the matrix world and you’re aware; aware of every sudden movement and zombie that tries to test your patience and agility.

“This time there’s no taking you off your game, no need for extra lives or battery packs because you’re kicking ass and taking names.”

Higher than that stolen chopper that you have no idea what you’re going to do with, higher than Sonic’s rings in the bonus stage. With the controller of your choice in your hands and a killer bong not too far from reach, you’ve got the next few hours planned, filled with Stoner Video Games.


“Situations and puzzles that you love to find yourself engaged in again and again become more intriguing after five fat doobs to the dome, leaving you relaxed and numb”,

but with the concentration and reaction time of a mountain lion…pretty damn good. When left alone in the peace of your console, just you and the screen, you can get so sucked in and over involved that you feel as if you yourself in the game.


“You know how to do every move and special combo that the game has to offer and you know that you’ve got the skills enough to just what this character is doing”,

in this elevated moment you just know.

There are literally millions of stoner video games that make for killer relaxation time. Among the classics you have Pac Man, Galaga, and Centipede. All of these are great games that can put you in a trance,

“Your senses caught up in the high and monotonous motions of your space ships and little dots.”

Final Fantasy, (all of them) are fantastic games that know how to get your imagination pumping and full of new possibilities. The Grand Theft Auto Series gives you just the kind of freedom you’re looking for when you’re faded and ready to let go for a while.

“Travel these streets following gangster ass missions or just stealing things or hitting people for fun, whatever you mood for in that moment run with it.”

Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sims are just simple enough to allow for hella fun while at the same time make you feel like you’re doing something really important and fun.


“It’s perfectly find to engage your mind in a little computer love from time to time.”

Besides the fact that video games are constantly evolving and becoming more amazing by the minute, they’re a great way to really “feel” your high from beginning to the end.

“With your body still and your brain concentration on one goal your numbness becomes more intense and your eyes more slanted.”


You’re in the zone, the Stoner Video Games zone. Never stop toking and stay plugged in stoners!


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