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When you’re living life as a stoner, there’s only a matter of time before everything becomes like a game to you anyways, so organized games are even better!

Stoner Games is all about having the most out of your high time when you’re with your pals. Nothing could be better than laughing hysterically at a dumb ass funny as hell joke while coughing at the same damn time…. Now that’s laid back happy living.

Stoner | Stoner Games by Stoner Days

 “Puff puff pass is a game that many pot heads play to get them a more intense high faster. “

The purpose of the game is to pass the blunt, doobie, or bong what have you, as fast as you can, hitting it precisely 2 times before quickly passing to the next person in rotation. This usually ends up with you either smoking, inhaling, or passing the entire time.


“getting a nice strong head high in the process. “

You’ve got to make those 2 drags count, and inhale deep and fast. This is a Stoner Game that can be played with only 2 people and be just as fun.

This next game might be bordering torture but hey, stoners were meant to surpass boundaries right? Right!

Stoners | Stone rDays

“Get together the best trippy kit you can think of, blunts, hash, joints, bongs, hookahs, all of that and see how long you and your homies can last without drinking any liquids.”

To spice things up and bring the party to a cross-faded level, make that no non alcoholic liquids. This is what you would call survival of the thirstiest, cotton mouth to the extreme, and there’s no turning back until someone gives in.

Stoner | Stoner Games

“The last man half standing and dying from thirst is the winner!!!! “

Take these cool Stoney Games into consideration friends, and put some more fun back into your Mary Jane rotation.

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