If you haven’t heard the word that StonerDays Stickers are Free then we don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under.

“Slaps are all about the fun and creative places you can slap these stickers and send them in for us to post.”

Show your Stoner pride and show it loud, get ta’ slappin’ stoners! 

Get creative, slap them somewhere cool and send us a picture or use the #stonerdays tag on instagram! 🙂 

Can’t afford stamps? We still want you to get some StonerDays slaps! Submit something cool here and we will make sure you get some too.  Send another self address envelope with a stamp to us so we can keep our StonerDays team stocked with slaps. All we ask is to send us a picture of you tagging something, someone, or somewhere sick. BE CREATIVE!

Thanks For Spreading The Word!!!