Pot Shirts


The entire universe is one huge collective melting pot filled with different points of view and creative thoughts brilliantly displayed through the people who love smoking pot. The Pot Shirts that we wear are part of a strong legacy that we call getting stoned. Inside our homes, hotboxes, and smoking sanctuaries there is no such thing as “no” or “can’t”, only positive free flowing vibes.

Stay Blazed Mens Black Stoner T-Shirt

When we rise to see the sun every morning we’re faced with an immediate choice; will I let this day rule me? Or will I grab the reins and soar with Pegasus, smoking my troubles into submission? We choose the latter and hit life’s woes with a big fat wake and bake session, cutting them off before they even begin. Right alongside that big cup of Joe is that colorful swirly bubbler, your fav that undoubtedly fits your mouth frame perfectly. Though now you throw on your Wake and Bake Tank, a pot head’s “Do Not Disturb” sign right on your torso so everyone knows how you like to get your day started.

Stoner Clothing

The equation is quite simple, a stoner in Pot Shirts equals out to happy stonies. Showing up to the breakfast table in this T and eating all the bacon and eggs is the best way to show your friends and family what you’ve been up to, and the reason behind your cheerful disposition.

These straight to the point Pot Shirts lay it all on the table and ring the alarm to fellow smokers that you mean business when it comes down to your Mary affairs. First things first, and it all begins with a kick ass Wake and Bake.

Stoner clothing

Another good way to Wake and Bake is to hot box, and yes early in the morning. Take your trippy kit to the car, roll up the windows, crank some high tunes, and blow it down. This gives your muscles and mind time to relax and wake up and really get the THC flowing in your blood, getting you ever so ready for the day ahead.

Opportunity awaits us around every bend and corner so hold on and let the Nirvana guide you, the Buddha, and the NY Diesel. They’ll never steer you wrong or give you their version of “good advice”, life this way is one unlimited constant kick back.


Take pride and show respect for your lover when dressed in the sexy allure of Pot Shirts, StonerDays has got you covered on that one. Wake and Bake will never be complete until you can inhale and wear it as well, broadcasting from your strong chest muscles that you’re about something, and that something is Mary Jane. Oh so sweet and fruitful she blesses us with her presence through dispensaries, plastic bottles, and bags. You send a message to the universe every morning when you take that first hit, and it says “good morning all, I’m here to stay and I’m high”


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